Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rough-Legged Buzzard nearly on my garden list! 17th october

On the 11th 10,000 buzzards passed over falsterbo (with 500 red kite)
On the 12th it was 355 rough-legged buzzards
and on the 13th not less than 1202 rough-legged buzzard!!

I first planned to go on the coast on sunday but Saturday late afternoon the first big flock of common buzzard arrived in the north of Belgium. It's very cloudy (nearly dark!) at home thus I didn't see anything. more than 1000 buzzard passed a single spot in Netherland in 3 hours!! I decided to just watch the sky near my home on Sunday...

Sadly, unlike most of Belgium, It was still very cloudy here on Sunday...

In one hour in the morning :

27 greylag goose
1 sparrowhawk
116 lapwings
117 skylark
3 wood larks
9 meadow piptit
27 white wagtail
1 grey wagtail
3 song trush
29 redwings
24 starlings
34 chaffinch
4 brambling

It was niet good for raptors then I decided to return to my home and wait for a little sun...and on the way at 300m from home, a buzzard passed nearly over my head very low to the south. A beautiful 1cy Rough-Legged Buzzard !!! Only my second in Belgium and a Self-found tick! about 15 were seen that day in Belgium!!!

In late morning, it's finally sunny during one hour but there were very few raptors (100 to 350 common buzzards on other spots...) :

1 hen harrier
5 buzzards
1 sparrowhawk
20 great cormorant
232 skylarks
3 woodlarks
10 meadow pipits
8 white wagtail
12 redwings
25 chaffinch
2 brambling
1 great tit
9 coal tits
1 siskin
1 hawfinch (flying north)

in the afternoon (again cloudy) I watched the resting birds in the fields :

at least 7 common buzzards
2 sparrowhawk
200 lapwings
100 lesser black-backed gull
40 white wagtail
5 coal tit
15 goldfinch
3 reed buntings

and during this time on migration :

1 merlin
19 skylarks
28 meadow pipit
24 white wagtail
6 reed buntings

On monday it's finaly sunny but there were only the last buzzards...

In 3 hours of skywatching I saw :

1 hen harrier
12 common buzzard
2 sparrowhawk
10 lapwing
44 skylarks
8 wood lark
4 swallows
11 meadow pipit
9 white wagtail
2 song trush
3 blue tit
3 tree sparrow
132 chaffinch
11 linnets

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